Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions:

  • Your data (Name and Contact Number) will be shared with our visitors/customers. This will help them to easily contact you for getting services according to their requirements.
  • Being our agent, you are going to represent us, so you have to behave and work professionally. As you are part of this company, so your behavior will impact the status of company also. Communicate professionally with the customers while delivering services.
  • We will remove your data once we have found any of the following misbehavior from you:
    • You are not responding to the call properly received via homeservice.in.
    • The time which you are giving to the customer and couldn’t be present at the specified time.
    • The work which is allotted to you and you left it in the between or couldn’t finish it properly.
  • Depending upon your location in the list of our website as you provided, you would receive calls from our customers directly because customers will like to select those agent who are near to their respected area.
  • As we had categorized three plans with the preferences and cost. Generally first two plans are more used by the customers and if you do normal registration then we does not guarantee that you would get calls.
  • We will upload your data (for First, Second and Third preference) for specified period only. Once your period is over your name will be shifted to normal list. You can again upgrade your location by selecting any preferences by updating your plan along with the payment.
  • Being our agent, you should not have any criminal record. You are member of our company and your criminal record may affect the brand value of company you are attached.