Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions:

We appreciate that you have chosen HomeService website to get services. But you will not be able to get services till you did not accept our terms and conditions. Read the whole content carefully and completely to get assure of our website terms and conditions. It will take few minutes to read, so just go through it.

  • When you create account here, the information you will fill that should be correct. Because it may be use further for contacting you.
  • After creation of your account only you will be responsible for your user-name and password, we can only help you to change the password if it is needed. We are just here to take care of your personal information and data.
  • We are not responsible for third parties website or external links to other website and their content.
  • We have all rights reserved to make any kind of changes in our policy.
  • your personal information will be secure with us.
  • If you are applying for any yearly plan for maintenance then it will not renew, if you want to continue then you can contact us.